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Rs 39,999/-
Rs 65,000/-


. ✓600+ Hours of Online + Live Classes

. ✓ 80 Full Length Mock Tests

. ✓ 200+ Sectional & Topic Tests

. ✓ 20 Books Of Study Materials

. ✓ 12+ Monthly Current Affairs

. ✓ 12+ Monthly News Boards

. ✓ Valid till 30th June 2021





Rs 30,999/-
Rs 55,000/-


. ✓ 600+ Hours of Online + Live Classes

. ✓ 40 CLAT Mock Tests

. ✓ 20 Books Of Study Materials (e-books)

. ✓ 12+ Monthly Current Affairs

. ✓ 12+ Monthly News Boards

. ✓ Valid till 30th June 2021





Rs 25,999/-
Rs 45,000/-


. ✓ 600+ Hours Of Online + Live Classes

. ✓ 12+ Monthly Current Affairs

. ✓ 12+ Monthly News Boards

. ✓ Valid till 30th June 2021


The faculty were always supportive and dedicated !

The mocks given by Abhyaas helped me understand the new pattern with ease and score well in CLAT.

Anjali Marella , NALSAR-HYD

I genuinely feel Abhyaas is a perfect platform for every CLAT aspirant

It was my extreme pleasure being a part of Abhyaas Experienced faculty and the support staff are really very supportive and responsive

Akhil Surya G, NALSAR-HYD

Before joining Abhyaas I was unsure about CLAT but Abhyaas supported throughout my preparation

Gave me confidence that I could crack CLAT. I personally liked Naresh sir's current affairs classes.

K Tanusha Venkata Lakshmi, DSNLU - VIZAG

Abhyaas has good faculty and teaching was good.

D.Harsha Vardhan, DSNLU - VIZAG

I appreciate team Abhyaas commitment in structuring the course so as to fulfill the dual purpose of efficiency

Fun in their methods of teaching. I hope Abhyaas continues to encourage and guide law aspirants in achieving their goals.”

Abhijith Vellanki, NALSAR-HYD

Thank you Abhyaas for coaching me and guiding me throughout the year

It would honestly have been impossible without you. The credit to my success in the Legal section goes entirely to Padma ma‘am.

Mrudula Karumanchi, NALSAR-HYD

Choosing Abhyaas was an excellent decision and I shall remain indebted to them.

"A harmonious medley of learning, knowing and growing took place over the period of my ALP course. I strongly recommend Abhyaas for any serious CLAT aspirant. Believe me, it will change your life.”

Siddhartha Sunil, NALSAR-HYD

Abhyaas is a perfect platform and training center

for those who desired to get into NLUs or any other competitive exams. It helped me a lot to crack CLAT and it provides good online sources. The faculty is very kind and supportive. Finally Boot camp helped me a lot for a last and quick revision.

Sunand Guttala, DSNLU - VIZAG


How many hours should I study for CLAT?

If you are preparing for CLAT or any other admission test, you need to self-asses your abilities to determine the right number of hours to study per day. Some may say that you need 6-8 hours or maybe even 10 hours per day to study but that is just a random number. Abhyaas Law Prep helps you analyse where you are in your CLAT preparation stage so that you can create a law prep strategy accordingly

Which books to refer for CLAT

Study material plays a key role in CLAT and other admissions tests. With subject like General Knowledge, Legal Reasoning etc in CLAT, it is important to have good quality of study materials and books or law preparation. Abhyaas provides you with in-depth study materials for each subject along with additional tools like daily newsboard and quizzes.

Do you have mock tests for CLAT preparation and other law admission exams?

Abhyaas Law Prep provides you with best mocks for CLAT preparation. The mocks are not only for CLAT but also for other law entrance exams like AILET, SLAT, LSAT, MHCET, TSLAWCET, APLAWCET, etc

Are your mocks based on CLAT only or other law enterance exams too?

The regular mocks provided to you by Abhyaas will help you prepare not just for CLAT but also for other law entrance exams like AILET, SLAT, LSAT, MHCET, TSLAWCET, APLAWCET, etc

Will I get any study material as a part of Abhyaas Law Prep for my CLAT preparation

As a part of Abhyaas Law Prep, you will get the best study materials that will prepare you for CLAT and other law enterance exams. Our study material for CLAT and law admission tests is created by a team of experts and takes into consideration the new exam pattern of CLAT. It is not only the best material to prepare for CLAT but also timely updated and detailed.

Can I get extra mocks for my CLAT preparation?

Based on your performace in CLAT mock tests, you will be shortlisted for CLAT premium club. This will allow you to get extra CLAT mocks and video explanations.

Can I get a demo class for CLAT online classes?

Demo class for CLAT is available for both online and offline mode. A free demo or trial class for CLAT is available for students looking for coaching classes for CLAT or other law admission tests.

Can I crack CLAT without joining a CLAT Coaching

CLAT is an admission test that requires comprehension abilities, logical skills and reading abilities. If you are not able to attend a coaching for any reason, you can subscribe to test series or take online classes. Abhyaas Law Prep provides you with endless possibilities to find the right CLAT preparation strategy for you. Visit to explore these options

Can I pay my fee for CLAT Coaching in installments?

We allow our students to pay the fee for CLAT coaching in easy installments. Based on the CLAT preparation package selected, installment options will be provided.

How can I access to test series for CLAT and other law admission tests

All students preparing for CLAT or other law admission test are provided with Login Credentials (username and password) to access the student portal. The CLAT test series and test series for other law preparation exams can be accessed by logging in at our official website.

How do I select the mode of payment for CLAT test series transaction?

When you are paying for test series for CLAT or other law preparation, the payment gateway will allow the law aspirants to choose the payment method for completing the payment process.

What should I do if I have not received the login credentials for CLAT test series that I have purchased?

The login credentials are delivered to law aspirants after completing the payment for CLAT test series. In case you are unable to access the student portal or failed to receive the login credentials for your test series, you can mail us at ‘’ for support.

What all payment options do I have to pay for enrol to Abhyaas LawPrep?

The payment can be easily made through multiple options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Paytm, Google Pay, UPI ID and other payment wallets.

Can I update my details later if I entered the wrong email id or phone number while

If you uploaded the wrong details, you can email the correct details to our support team ‘’ to update the contact details.

Is there an option to reattempt the Mock Tests or other online exams?

You can be reattempted of any online test by informing our team at The test can be reset to you based on your request.

I have lost the internet connection during the Mock Test, what will happen now? Can I resume the test once the connection is back?

The test can be resume or reattempted both in a case of any technical issues. Our team is available to assist you through any such problems faced during CLAT mock test for whcih you can contact them

When are the mock tests made available to me?

The CLAT mock tests are made available on the student portal according to the schedule provided to you for your test series.

Is the study material provided by Abhyaas Law Prep good for CLAT preparation?

Abhyaas Law Prep provides you with best study material for CLAT preparation. The study material provided is not only for CLAT but also for other law entrance exams like AILET, SLAT, LSAT, MHCET, TSLAWCET, APLAWCET, etc

How can I improve my CLAT score?

Abhyaas Law Prep is one of the best programs to prepare for CLAT or any other law admission test. It has various learning tools and resources in addition to the regular classes as a coaching for CLAT. Check our official website to read more about Abhyaas Law Prep .

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