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Negative Marking in AILET 2018!!!

NLU Delhi has introduced negative marking in AILET. What are the implications? Is it a good sign or should I be worried? Why should it be this year only? These are the thoughts going through the minds of many law school aspirants.

Hmm. Human beings always resist change. The natural tendency is to feel insecure. Similar thoughts reverberated in the minds of students when negative marking was introduced for the first time in CLAT 2013.

Strategies for approaching negative marking system:

Check my article regarding the same –  Negative Marking in CLAT 2013.

However, today, students take it for granted that CLAT has negative marking. Students today are familiar with the approach for negative marking. So what’s the big deal if it is introduced in AILET too? You know how to approach an exam when there is negative marking.

You need to understand that any change impacts all students in the same manner. What differs is your reaction to the change. Preparation-wise, you will continue on the same lines. You can expect the cutoffs to go slightly lower. The gap in marks between the first ranker and the cutoff score will come down. So you only need to be conscious of the negative marking while attempting the questions. One who is unfazed on encountering a change and can retain his/her cool is the clear winner!!!

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