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CLAT 2021 Classroom Crash Course

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As per the CLAT pattern change, Guidance of faculty for Preparation Tips, adapting to the change pattern is must to get a good score in CLAT. So for that we are providing the live sessions along with the Books, Mocks and other practice tests. As you know Reading Skills are very much important to get a good rank in new pattern CLAT 2020, so for that we are giving you the e-books by using the Readmark which will help you to improve your reading skills.

We are offering 120+ hours of live sessions for those who are preparing for CLAT 2020; these will help you in adopting new pattern easily. Also we are providing 130+ pre recorded video sessions which will help you to revise your subject knowledge. Along with these we are providing 10 Books and 75 Full Length Mock tests, 12 Monthly Current Affairs including GK, 25 Section wise and 60 Topic wise tests to enhance your skills to prepare for CLAT 2020.

Course Highlights:

Will provide 120+ Hours of Live Classes, 130+ pre recorded videos along with quiz(s) for each video, 75 Mock Tests, 12 Monthly Current Affairs including GK, Raedmark, 25 Sectional Tests, 60 Topic Tests and a set of 10 study materials.

Live Classes will give you the classes along with the live interaction with faculty, you can clarify your doubts at the time of class itself.

Video sessions will cover all the different topics in all the modules which will come in the CLAT and other law exams.

75 Mock Tests will be divided as 40-CLAT(22 New Pattern+18 Old Pattern), 10-AILET, 6-SLAT, 4-LSAT, 5-MHCET, 5-TSLAWCET, 5-APLAWCET Mocks

Approximately 9000 questions will cover through the mock tests.

Approximately 800 questions will cover through Sectional and topic tests.

12 Monthly Current Affairs including GK

Readmark will help you to improve reading speed, analyzing the topic easily and fast and. If you can improve the habit of reading it will help you to crack the CLAT 2020 easily because as you know, CLAT pattern meagerly focusing on passages.

Study materials will cover different topic and different type questions which will appeared in different type of LAW entrance exams.

In the Online + Print version, you will receive a total of 10 offline books and 50 offline mocks (40-CLAT & 10-AILET), in addition. These will be sent to you through courier, spread across 12 monthly packets based on a fixed schedule.


How many Live Classes will be available in this pack?

120+ hours of live classes with the CLAT experts and which will be divided among all the subjects

How many mock tests will be provided under this pack?

75 full length mock tests which include 40-CLAT, 10-AILET, 6-SLAT, 4-LSAT, 5-MHCET, 5-TSLAWCET, 5-APLAWCET mocks.

Why should I take up this pack?

According to the new CLAT pattern, we have developed our course with live interactions in live classes with the expert faculty, new pattern mock tests and readmark will be helpful you to crack the new pattern CLAT 2020 exam.


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