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Current Affairs including GK

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GK is the most important area to get good score in CLAT, You have to be through with the current affairs throughout the year and as well Static GK also. To prepare current affairs you have to read newspaper daily and as well you have to go through the GK Bank which was given to you by us.


GK Bank is divided into two parts, one is Static GK Bank and other is Monthly GK Bank. Each bank will have 150 questions and a total of 3000 questions annually. In the Static GK banks we are having total 8 banks which are from 8 different areas, they are Awards & Honours, Geography, Economics, History, Sports, Science, India & Civics and Miscellaneous. In the Monthly GK Banks, there are total 12 GK Banks will be provided to you on monthly basis throughout year. In GK Bank every month 150 questions are divided into 9 areas, they are Polity & Government, International Affairs, Business & Economy, Sports, Defence; Space; Science & Tech, Culture & History, Geography & Environment, Important Days and Miscellaneous.

Course Highlights:

We provide 20 GK Banks.

Each Bank will have 150 questions and total of 3000 questions annually.

In the 20 GK Banks, 8 Banks are Static and 12 are current affairs.

Both Static and Current Affairs are divided into different areas to make easy for the preparation.

12 Current affairs Banks are given to you on monthly basis.

Will also test you every month with a GK test.


How many GK Banks will be provided?

Total 20 GK Banks will be provided

How many questions each GK Bank will have?

Total 150 questions will be there in every GK Bank.

How many current affairs banks will be provided?

Total 120 Current GK Banks will be provided throughout the year.

Why should I read GK Banks?

By preparing GK thoroughly you can make good score in CLAT and you can also finish this section fastly in the CLAT Exam.


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