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U CLAT Mega Test Series 2020

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If you want to crack a seat in good NLU through CLAT or if you want to crack any of the SLAT, AILET, LSAT, etc., exams you have to prepare well and with good techniques to attempt the test. So a test series will guide and improve your techniques.

Our Mega Test Series will have 75 Mocks, which cover different exams, they are CLAT, SLAT, AILET, LSAT, AP-LAWCET, TS-LAWCET, MHCET. Each mock In this 40 are CLAT Mock Tests, 10 are AILET Mock Tests, 6 are SLAT Mock Tests, 4 are LSAT Mock Tests, 5 are MHCET Mock Tests, 5 are TS-LAWCET Mock Tests and 5 are AP-LAWCET Mock Tests. Number of questions, Question pattern and number of marks carrying will be depend on the mock test type.

Course Highlights:

Will provide 75 Mock Tests


Approximately 9000 questions will cover through these mock tests.

By preparing these mock tests you can attempt any of the LAW Entrance exam.

In the Online + Print version, you will receive a total of 50 offline mocks (40-CLAT & 10-AILET), in addition. These will be sent to you through courier, spread across 12 monthly packets based on a fixed schedule.


How many mock tests will be available in U-CLAT Mega Test Series?

Total 75 Mock Tests will be available

How many CLAT Mocks will be there in Mega Test Series?

Total 40 Mock Tests will be there in Mega Test Series

How many mocks other than CLAT will be available?

Apart from CLAT, there are total 35 mocks will be available.

Why should I go with the U-CLAT Mega Test Series?

If you are planning to have seat in good NLU or in a good LAW university, Mega test series will help you to fulfill your dreams.


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