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6 Reasons to choose a Career in Law

Amidst the many choices that define and eventually shape the person one grows up to be, the choice of their career path is perhaps the most challenging yet crucial decision. Thus it is indeed important that such a choice be made after thorough research and awareness on the aspired career. Since law is a course that opens up plenty of doors to wide ranging career paths, this article aims to list out a few reasons why it is an interesting yet rewarding choice to make.

Diverse career opportunities

One of the most attractive features that set law apart from many other professional courses is the diversity of choices it offers. Ranging from lower court litigants to the Supreme Court chief justice, and of course the wide world of corporate law firms, there is a plethora of options awaiting an LLB graduate. There is also the option of ramifying into careers like journalism, civil services, foreign services etc. for which legal education would serve as a strong base.

Various Practice Areas:

Another striking feature of this profession is that one doesn’t have to limit themselves to a pre determined definitive work space. For instance within litigation there is the possibility to explore various dimensions like civil law, criminal law, human rights law etc. There are also the upcoming branches of arbitration and mediation that function as a parallel court system to compensate the cumbersome nature of ordinary court proceedings. Then there is the wide area of socially relevant spaces like environment law, Lok Adalat, activism etc. Education in law is in fact an empowerment to question the functioning of the system from within the system and also a means to rectify its flaws backed by legitimate justifications, something perhaps a lay man might not be able to do.

Challenging Field

Just as the profession is highly enticing so is the competition it throws. Be it litigation or corporate law, there is considerable pressure, owing to the nature of the job and the stiff competition from colleagues, to deliver one’s best. The profession thus demands lawyers to be hard working and prompt in their work. These challenges thrown by the profession ensures that only the best shall emerge successful in the field not providing any scope to compromise on quality.

Global interaction

Branches like international law which opens doors to working in organisation like the UN and Amnesty international and also a career in international corporate firms facilitate a platform for global interaction. This way legal education empowers one to function in a global space and make decisions on such far reaching levels. Drafting international protocols, mediating high profile meetings between world leaders are carried out under the supervision of qualified lawyers.

Client Facing

One of the most exciting aspects of this profession is that it gives a chance to touch the lives of individuals at a personal and professional level; in fact the two often coincide. Regardless of the area of specialisation all lawyers are fundamentally governed by the moral obligation to ensure that justice be served to their clients. Thus it is a fulfilling profession which essentially revolves around humanity. But it is up to each lawyer to decide how to sway their swords of justice whether to protect law or to exploit it.

Status In Society

Though this might sound as an out dated concept, it is indeed true that the society one lives in to a very large extent determines their life. The legal profession is highly respected owing to its social commitment and relevance. It ensures financial security and professional dignity.
Briefly stated above are just a few of the reasons why law can be considered as an attractive career option. But what should ultimately determine one’s choice of which road to pursue lies entirely on their rationale, and more importantly passion. The rest should serve as an impetus to fuel up that spark into a full on fire.

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