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When the going gets tough, The tough get going

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When the going gets tough, The tough get going

When the going gets tough, The tough get going

ALPians Who Made it to NALSAR

The first challenge was the introduction of the new pattern for CLAT. The announcement came last October and the details of the pattern were released in January. Though students were jubilant about the reduction in the number of questions, there was a lot of apprehension regarding the revised pattern of questions as it involved a lot of reading, which would eat up time.
The next blow came in the form of the lockdown due to the pandemic. No physical classes were possible and students had to remotely attend lectures and practice on their own. Doubts-clearing was a challenge as the faculty was not always familiar or known personally and the response could not be real-time. Interacting with faculty and studying with major reliance on mobile phone/laptop using technology was a novel concept for students and faculty alike, but I am proud of my students who have managed to make best use of the constrained circumstances.
The innumerable rescheduling of the exam threw students into a sea of confusion and apprehension. Not knowing whether the exam would be conducted and if so, when, caused a tough dilemma for students who were already grappling with remote learning. A related challenge was the lack of direct interaction with peers that would normally build up the competitive spirit and fervour. Maintaining the focus and not losing sight of the goal is a near-impossible task under these circumstances, but those who could do that, gained in the end.
The mentoring that we normally provide to students on a one-to-one basis had to be done remotely and that too, in a group. But what is astounding is that students have acted on the feedback and made remarkable progress.
Just as the students were gearing up for the exam in the first week of September, CLAT got postponed once again and there was a distraction in the form of NLAT for NLSIU, Bangalore. Students wrote this exam, which had a tweaked pattern and reduced timeline, after preparing for only one week. Ultimately, Supreme Court quashed this exam but the time and effort spent on this could not be undone.
Multiple petitions to the Supreme Court, to the extent that one of the judgements actually came on the morning of the CLAT exam on 28th September, caused so much uncertainty and anxiety to students. In the face of all these challenges, ALP students who were tough and determined, stood their ground, unwavering in their focus and in the process, we had an excellent result. 10 students have made it to NALSAR and 30+ students have made it to the NLUs in the first merit list. More students are expected to be added to this tally as the remaining lists are out in the days to come.
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This adage has been proved true by the ALPians. Three cheers to them!!!


Ms Padma Parupudi

Director – Abhyaas LawPrep.

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