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Success with 3 C

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Success with 3C

Success with 3 C

The NLU First list is out and congratulations to all the successful ones who have made it to the NLU of their choice. Lets take a quick look at what are the factors that have helped them achieve success. I call it the 3 C approach – Clarity, Consistency and Composure.




1.Clarity in Goals :
Having clarity in the goals and not compromising on what is required to get there is the first C. You need to have clarity about what you want, mind you, it is not what your parents want or what others expect out of you. Your clarity in your own goals is the first step. Once that is present, preparation does not become a chore. It is a necessary step to achieve your goals. You do not mind reading boring (not to your taste) topics or lengthy articles to interpret and understand. You do not mind reading several articles on a topic in order to assimilate and absorb the current events. You do not mind solving quantitative problems or learning new words. It just becomes another task that needs to be endured in the journey to success!!

2. Consistency in Approach :
Whether it is the Olympics or the CLAT exam, consistency is the key. Patience and meticulous approach cannot be a one-time affair. It is not enough to do well in a single test or mock exam. There cannot be any complacency. You need to be consistent in your approach, fine-tuning based on your performance, sharpening your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses. The sooner you identify your weak areas, the better chances you have of overcoming them. Detailed analysis of your mock exam performance and gradual improvement over time will provide you with the much-needed confidence to ace the exam.

3. Composure during the Exam :
No matter whether you prepare for a few years, a few months or a few days, ultimately, what matters is how you perform during the two hours of the exam. There are factors within your control and factors out of your control. Those who could maintain their composure(within your control) even during stressful situations which are not in your control, have achieved success. CLAT 2021 has been a fairly easy exam compared to last year, or what students expected. In such situations, myriad thoughts creep in – cutoffs will be high, I unnecessarily focused on a lot of topics, I have done this before…… It is very easy to become overconfident or underconfident. In the process, one would be less cautious in choosing the right option. Those who have not allowed their mind to sway to such thoughts have been successful.
Congratulations to all those who have achieved their goals. This is only the beginning of your journey and the goal-post now changes to the next level. The others need not lose hope. There are further lists and other options. Discuss with your mentors who can guide you in your journey. Always remember, a bend in the road is not the end of the road. Keep going and you will find your path.

Ms. Padma Parupudi

Director – Abhyaas LawPrep.

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