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Tips to Get Through Last-Minute CLAT Preparation

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Tips to Get Through Last-Minute CLAT Preparation

CLAT is one exam for which it is just as important to work smart as it is to work hard. Several people start preparing for the exam in 11th grade, some in 12th, some post their board exams and some take a drop year just to prepare for the exam. Regardless of which category you belong to, the last one-and-a-half months are definitely make-or-break. Here’s what you can do to optimally use that time to drastically improve your chances in the exam.

General Tips

Chart out a course of action: Make a list of strengths and weaknesses, sections in which you score well and those in which you do not. Make a list of topics that must be covered. Find out which method of studying works best for you. Develop an optimal strategy for attempting the exam.

Plan out a study timetable: Study whenever you can work. It is imperative that you do not alter your sleep cycles in order to do what someone else is doing. Remember to accommodate time for exercise and recreation, they are required to keep your mind fresh.

Set daily targets and ensure that you meet them: If you are going for classes, factor them in, but remember that self-study is absolutely essential. Set realistic targets, because if you plan to do more than what you can actually manage, you might get discouraged.

Look after your health: Ensure that you get adequate sleep (but do not oversleep). Eat healthy, wholesome food, because falling sick will cost you heavily in terms of time.

Prioritise: There will always be urges to go out with friends, watch movies, play games, attend family functions and the like, but remember that you can do these things even after CLAT. Every moment you spend working will improve your chances of doing well in the exam. That being said, do take breaks, but do not take too many. And to ensure that you enjoy your breaks, ensure that you work hard when you are supposed to be working, otherwise that will keep playing on your mind when you are supposed to be taking a break.

Subject-wise tips:

General Knowledge:  If you have been diligent with this section all year, there is no reason for you to worry. Do remember to keep revising GK from earlier months, however.

If you have not, then now in the time to put in your all. It is not possible to go through the newspapers of all the previous months, but read the newspaper and make notes for every day forth. For the previous months, use compendiums and make notes.

For static GK, take quizzes on websites or apps whenever you are free (travelling, when you need a break from another subject, etc).

The most important thing, however is revision. Regardless of how much time you have put into it previously, remember that revision is crucial to remember whatever you have read.

Quantitative Aptitude (Mathematics): The key here is to practice as much as possible, so that your speed improves in this section. Remember, mathematics in CLAT is quite basic, so the only real advantage is speed; being quick will give you more time for other sections. If you are not well versed with shortcuts to problem solving, now is the time to learn and practice them.

At this time, it is important to earn which questions to attempt and which ones to leave, as that is something that one should be clear with. If a question is likely to take too much time to solve, you are better off not attempting it till you are done with the rest of the paper.

Logical Reasoning: This section is one that can seem tricky unless you practice a fair bit. Once you practice, however, it is a reliable scoring area. There are certain question types in this section that are capable of tripping you up, so ensure that you are familiar with how to solve a wide variety of questions. Use the last month to practice as much as you can

English: Focus on improving your speed and accuracy in this section; like in other sections practice as much as possible. Remember that this section has the potential of being highly time-consuming, so it is imperative to be selective about the questions one attempts.

Legal Aptitude: Near-perfect scores in this section are possible, just identify and work on your problem areas. The most common mistake that people make in this section is using prior knowledge that cannot be inferred from the question. Do not use prior knowledge unless the question cannot be solved without it. With sufficient practice, you may get a very high score in this section.

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