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Top 8 Careers after Law

The Legal word opens up a wide array of career opportunities. In fact securing a legal degree from a reputed law college provides the space to choose a suitable path from the many roads that the course opens up or even carve out a totally new road for oneself. This article aims to present a brief overview of the various careers one can pursue as an LLB graduate

Corporate law firms

This would be the dream job for those aspiring for a high salaried, sophisticated lucrative legal career. Leading law firms hire young lawyers, especially from top national law schools, mostly through campus selections based on their CGPA, academic portfolio and interview. Although the work hours are a bit hectic, it is a high profile job guaranteeing financial stability. Doing internships in corporate firms would be extremely helpful if one has plans to pursue his career in this dimension of law.

Government lawyer

If one is not interested in entering the capitalist corporate spectrum, there is always the vast realm of litigation that awaits him. Enrolling as a government attorney is indeed an attractive prospect. It ensures job stability and promises a steady income .In order to become a government attorney one must obtain a bachelor’s degree and a law degree and then clear the bar council test, after which one can get hired in the government agencies or institutions as a government attorney.


One of the most challenging yet exciting careers in law would undoubtedly be litigation. It not only helps touch the lives of the common man but also help wield the knowledge in law to directly influence the society. To establish oneself as a successful advocate, one should ideally start off as a junior advocate under an established lawyer and then build his career up step by step. A concrete understanding of law, coupled with practical shrewdness of a litigator will ensure a successful career in this field.

Legal Advisor

Most companies, banks, private firms etc. hire legal advisors. They are often referred to as the in-house lawyers and are involved in providing general legal advice about corporate decisions, while also sorting out issues related to employment contracts, compensation, harassment suits, and other workplace conflicts. Taking up such a job would guarantee financial security and also facilitate exposure to the corporate world.

 Legal Journalism

The legal arena opens up spaces for creative expression as well. The career of a legal journalist that involves writing articles for law journals, publishing judgements etc. is one such opportunity. This profession demands one to be up to date with the happenings in the legal world, be interested in research and writing and take initiative to analyse contemporary developments.

Document drafting

Document drafting lawyers who specialize in drafting legal documents and legal statements are also high in demand.


Then there is of course the privileged career of a judge. Judiciary is often considered to be the strongest and the most independent organs of the government. The judge ensures that justice is served in each case that comes up before him and pronounces judgements that serve as precedents for similar cases in future. The profession of a judge is deeply venerated, demanding utmost sincerity and responsibility from the judge.

 Cyber law

The realm of cyber law is yet another promising area for law graduates. Owing to increased incidents of cyber crimes and the sudden boom in cyber economy, the scope of cyber lawyers has become huge.

The ones mentioned above are just a few of the many exciting career paths that Law opens up. There are plenty of other opportunities as well. But at the end of the day all that actually matters is that one chooses a career that concurs not just with their head but also with their heart. And law definitely opens gates for that.

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