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GK Crossword June 2020

GK Crossword for June 2020

GK Crossword for June 2020

[WpProQuiz 13]

3.Kurt Bilteaux Thomas is in news recently is related to this sport

7. He was appointed as India’s permanent representative to WTO recently.(9, 6)

11. This Indian state has become the largest wheat procurer in the country recently.(6, 7)

12. This is the only G20 country that will record growth in economy in 2020, as per Moody’s.

13. Hareli is the festival celebrated in this state.

14. Google company has launched this app to help people maintain social distancing.

17. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) which is in news recently is built across this river.

18. This place has been declared as Uttarakhand’s new summer capital

19. The India’s first dolphin observatory is planned to be launched in this state

1. This state has launched an online waste exchange platform.(6, 7)

2. This country ranked top in 32nd edition of World Competitiveness Index 2020.

3. This country has signed agreement with Italy to demarcate maritime boundaries.

4. She becomes the 1st ever women to reach deepest point of ocean, the Challenger deep.(5, 8)

5. 1st Indian state to declare internet as fundamental right

6. This is the world’s 1st country which used drone mounted ULV sprayer for locust control.

8. Indian weightlifter has been cleared of doping charges by the International Weightlifting Federation.(7, 5)

9. He is the Indian who has been appointed as the senior advisor at World Bank recently.(6, 5)

10. He has honored with “NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal” recently.(7, 5)

15. She has been appointed as the UNADAP’s ‘Goodwill Ambassador to the Poor’

16. Kalinga stadium is located in this state.


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