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GK Monthly Crossword April 2020

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3. ICMR has drafted a proposal to explore this therapy to treat critical COVID-19 cases.(6,7)

7. This aerospace company has launched Falcon 9 carrier rocket with 60 satellites Starlink.

8. This city was scheduled to host 44th session of World Heritage Committee of UNESCO that has now been postponed.

11. This state has become the first in the country to geo-tag community kitchens.(5,7)

12. This state is the first in India that has begun flattening the curve of COVID-19 infection.

13. He has been appointed as the Ambassador for World Wildlife Fund India.(11,5)

14. This app has been launched by the Agriculture Ministry to facilitate transportation of food grains.(5,4)

15. The International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day is observed on April 26 every year. Chernobyl is located in this country.

17. This company has launched India’s 1st home screening kit for covid-19 which was approved by ICMR.

18. Nadia, a four-year-old tiger tested positive for COVID-19 in this city’s Bronx zoo.(3,4)

19. This company has launched a new virtual Braille keyboard named ‘TalkBack’.

1. This app has become the world’s highest downloaded app in just 13 days.(7,4)

2. He has been appointed as the new Secretary to President Ram Nath Kovind.(8,8)

4. This state has begun the third phase of its ‘Sujalam Sufalam Jal Sanchay Abhiyan’ scheme.

5. This tennis tournaments has been cancelled for the first time since World War II.

6. This Indian athlete was recently banned for 4 years by the Athletics Integrity Unit.(5,5)

9. The largest number nests of rare leather back sea turtles were spotted in this country after almost 20 years.

10. He has become the first judge of J&K High Court to take oath under the Indian Constitution.(7,5)

15. Businessman Rajesh Chaplot has won the highest civilian award of this country.

16. The HRD Ministry has launched this portal to monitor and record its efforts to combat COVID-19- related challenges.

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